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Summer Arts Camp 2022

During Summer of 2022 we delivered our Summer Art Camps at Bellerive House in Isle of Dogs. Our camps consist of two 3-hour sessions per day, four days a week for the duration of 4 weeks, throughout July-August.

These free-of-charge sessions were focused on teaching young people fine motor skills, creativity and artistic activities. The participants engaged in projects such as slime making, mug painting, pottery, mask making and T-shirt designing.

Our professional coaches and volunteers led art sessions to engage all abilities and ages, they were compiled with group activties, games night and a sensory corner.

The attendees gained many amazing skills by attending and engaging, such as creativity, social skills, teamwork, communication, discipline, wellbeing, and leadership skills. We know that we all made amazing and lasting memories, with the Summer Camps being the highlight of all our summers.

We are fortunate enough to be able to provide healthy lunches and distributed raw ingredients to all parents/guardians at the end of each session to promote healthy eating. This is a key aspect of all our camps and reflects our values as an organisation.

The Camp was a great success with over 100 attendees daily and 320 individuals taking part. We are looking forward to connecting with the community again while delivering our next Summer Camps in 2023.

Please check out our social media platforms where we show off loads of the amazing memories, we made at our Summer Camps '22. Also, we have our highlight videos on Youtube!

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