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Kids Who Code

Beyond The Bias in partnership with Wapping in The Community devised and delivered an amazing new club - Kids Who Code.

The Kids Who Code project provided children aged 7-12; the opportunity to utilise their creative and thinking skills by creating coding applications. This club was received amazingly by both the kids and their parents, with one parent saying: "because of the project, my kids are now going home and doing research of their own to produce their own coding application".

Throughout the course, these young people created a website, coding algorithms and a game. These sessions allowed participants to solve problems, learn coding language, implement new skills and use creativity and logic thinking.

At the end of the course, all the participants were gifted with monitors, web cams, mouse, keyboard and coding equipment (Raspberry Pi 400). This was our way of encouraging these young coders to continue being innovated and become the next generation of problem solvers.

This project has been one of our biggest successes and we loved seeing our younger generation enjoying themselves while developing their curriculum. With it being 40 times oversubscribed, we definitely be doing this again.

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